Joakim MellergÄrd - VFX / Tech / Shader Artist

Website updated 2016-09-18

Here you'll find videos and images of shaders, particle effects, destruction and tools.

More pieces coming soon!

Elemental effects

A scene of shaders, particles, lighting and props made using UDK.


VFX in UE4

A small project I made using UE4. The video got some attention on Youtube and a tutorial was requested so I made one which can be

found here.


Script: Batch bake normal maps

A python script for batch baking normal maps in Maya. A later version also has functionality for baking cloth simulations with desired number of frames.

Run script by downloading and copying to the Maya scripts folder. Type batchBakeNormalMaps.batchBakeNormalMaps() in the python command line to execute.


A vehicle exploding in UDK. You'll see vertex displacement, car paint melting, physics, ivy burning.


Script: Terrain importer

A maya script for importing a terrain/height map and transferring it's height values into vertex positions of a plane. It was used as a tool for the level desigers during production of Paw's of War to get a visible representation of the terrain.


Cigarette shader

A very overkill shader for a burning cigarette, I wouln't suggest using this in a game except maybe in cinematics.


Script: Level Exporter

The levels in the Tricycle Cavalry games were built using Maya. This required an exporter. The script reads terrain shader data, object orientation, lights properties. It also compares the level's objects with the game entity type list to make sure we don't get garbage in the level file. And probably 10 other things before outputting the .xml file. This script was used during the development of 4 games so it had many iterations.