Joakim Mellergård - Technical Artist

Website updated 2017-11-16

Joakim Mellergård, Game/Technical Artist

About me

My main interests are working with graphics and game development. I like to explore new exciting ways of answering questions and solving problems that occur, it's what drives me forward.


Right now I am working at Io-Interactive on the next HITMAN as a Technical Artist. My responsibilities involves shader creation, logic, particle and destruction setups and to work closely with other disiplines such as Environment, Lighting and Render.


I've been studying Technical Art at The Game Assembly, a higher vocational education in Malmö, Sweden.

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Network: LinkedIn

Phone: +46 732 62 35 45

Technical skills - software / methods


Autodesk Maya

Wide knowledge and usage: scripting, simulations, modelling.

Used to be my main 3d software.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Currently my main 3d software. Usage includes basic modelling, game asset setups such as destruction and cloth sims.

Adobe Photoshop

Main image editing software. I use it for doing adjustments, texturing and painting.

Adobe After Effects

Video adjustments, post fx, creation of video game assets.


Adobe Premiere

Basic video editing.



Scripting tools, mainly for Maya.


Visual scripting

Creating logic setups used for more advanced props such as lamps, vehicles, setpieces and vfx.

HLSL (high level shading language)

Writing nodes for visual shader editor, useful for doing things (such as for loops) impossible in visual editors.

Unreal Engine

Prototyping shaders. Also some experience with the blueprint system and particle editor.

Pixologic Zbrush

Software of choice for sculpting.


Allegorithmic Substance Designer

Texture creation.

The Game Assembly

The Technical Art course is a 1.5 year additional eduction for art oriented students. One third of the program is dedicated for an internship at a game company. The curriculum is written by people from the industry and the teachers has experience in game development. I spent my internship at Io-Interactive as a FX Artist Intern.