Joakim Mellergård - Technical Artist

Website updated 2020-01-29

Joakim Mellergård, Game/Technical Artist

About me

My main interests are working with graphics and game development. I like to explore new exciting ways of answering questions and solving problems that occur, it's what drives me forward.
I also enjoy photography and science.


Right now I am working at Rare on Everwild as a Technical Artist. My responsibilities involves setting up workflows, shader programming and scripts.

I've been studying Technical Art at The Game Assembly, a higher vocational education in Malmö, Sweden.



Network: LinkedIn

Phone: +447970430943

The Game Assembly

The Technical Art course is a 1.5 year additional eduction for art oriented students. One third of the program is dedicated for an internship at a game company. The curriculum is written by people from the industry and the teachers has experience in game development. I spent my internship at Io-Interactive as a FX Artist Intern.